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by Isabel Caila Samuels

I think of you and I could just cry
Not because I'm sad that you're not here,
But because you were here and you will be again.
Tears of happiness flood my soul at the thought!
I might not know when, but uncertainty is a beautiful thing...
What fun would it be if we knew when, and from where 
our most joyous times were coming?
And in the meantime, the few moments I spent with you 
held enough joy to last me a lifetime!

Tears of complete rapture and serenity 
spring from my heart at every Thought of you.
At the mention of your name, I can hear your voice in my ear.
Upon picturing your face,
I can see the reflection of my soul in your eyes...
Hearing your voice on the phone warms me-
And I can feel your arms around me.  

The sensation of your lips on mine...
As vivid in my memory as it was at its occurrance.
Your mouth brushes the top of my head and I shiver!
Then I realize I'm only dreaming of past events.
Then I smile as I remember - history repeats itself,
So I won't fret at your absence-
I'll only smile, as I think of your welcome return.

Poem ID: 9664   Poem Posted: 1/4/1999
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