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Your Love is Slowly Killing Me
by Jess  Hinchberger

It feels like a knife stabbing at my soul
Feeling like you want me buried in a six foot deep hole
It feels like a rope tied around my neck tight
Ready to take away my life without putting up a fight

My hand holds the gun loaded and ready to kill
Hoping that my body will soon lie completely still
I stand at the top of a cliff looking ready to fall
Wanting to throw away everything- love, hate, pain, anything at all

I stare into the fire, wishing my body would burn
Knowing that my ashes will soon rest in an urn
I watch the stillness of the water below
Wishing my face was covered losing oxygen very slow

I see the food never again going to eat
The feeling of disgust when I chew the fattening meat
Closing my eyes from the blinding of the light
Thinking and concentrating on being alive one last night

Plugging my ears from the deadening sounds
Hoping tomorrow morning my body will be found
Kissing my love for the last time, ever
Hoping that life ever-lasting does not go on forever

Writing these words to say farewell
Apologizing for all my wrong, paying for it in hell
No longer will you have to look at the face that makes you ill
One last look at the corpse laying dreadfully still

No longer will you have to hear all my annoying whines and moans
With all the hate you have towards me, be happy I will always be alone
You pushed me to my limits and took everything I had away
Not caring what I felt like or what I had to say

For anyone who reads this, for anyone that cares
If HE puts you to the test, take it if you dare
I took the challenge and I am still paying for it today
If you're wondering what happened to me, HE took my sanity away

For all who stepped before me, for all that follows behind
Understand what happened..........
                                      HE drove me out of my mind!

Poem ID: 9560   Poem Posted: 12/31/1998
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