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Do You Know?
by Hearts N Kansas

Be my friend and love me
Sure and true.
Don't rush me into something
that I'm not sure I want to do.
Like a delicate flower, glistening
with morning dew,
I patiently wait for the sun 
to peek through.
The moisture clings securely
to the petals within--
As I ponder this flower a gentle breeze
blows across my skin.
Sensations sweep through me as my mind
wanders to thoughts of you.
Like the delicate flower, I 
feel moisture too.
My eyes raise towards the clouds of blue,
Searching for an answer 
to the feelings I have for you.
Phenomonal love may only happen one time as 
we pass through.
Is that what these feelings are... 
that I have for you?

Poem ID: 9519   Poem Posted: 12/30/1998
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Copyright , Dec.12,1998, Hearts N Kansas  all rights reserved by the author.
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