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My Love, Do You Remember?
by Robert Louis Arehart

Do you remember, Sweetheart... Dear,
the sweep of love's dimension?
Of how we sought each other, so...
we scarce could bear the tension.

We'd search among the crowded ways,
with eager, burning, questing--
Until the sight, the words, the kiss...
would still our world to resting.

The time together we would spend 
flew swift as swallows fleeing...
But once alone, the hours dragged by...
monotonous, dead, unseeing.

Anew, our greetings joyous glee
brought comfort, strength and passion...
Our love renewed with boundless depths,
enthralled us in it's fashion.

And when we parted, ere the dawn
with promised love's bright sorrow.
(The night's were never long enough--
we swore to stretch the morrow.)

But then, tomorrow never came...
I lie here, bereft and grieving,
with just the ashes of our love...
cold comfort, born of grieving.

Poem ID: 9152   Poem Posted: 2/29/2000
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