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Purple Orchid
by Michael David Coffey

        In my mind you are
           a purple orchid
        Exotic, tender, passionate
           and wild
        Untouchable, fragrant
           bloom of dark desires
        Evoking my deepest thoughts
        Lost in the dreamy wonder
           of an eastern forest
        You are there among
           the whispering glades
        Of soft green bamboo
        Delicately embracing the moist
          warm air of night
        A lover of another world
        Of fantasies ethereal,
          yet profoundly real
        Earthy, yet ether's child
        My chocolate sweetness 
          in distant lands
       A darkened flower of 
          refined passion
       My purple orchid

Poem ID: 9109   Poem Posted: 12/27/1998
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Copyright , November 14, 1998, Michael David Coffey  all rights reserved by the author.
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