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From the first moment I saw you
I knew you would never be just another friend.
Opening my heart was not an easy thing
You showed me that I could give love another chance

I somehow knew that if I fall in love with you
I would never be able to let you go.
It was a chance I had to take
To see if love between us would really flow.
Now I feel so close and in tune with you 
I can always feel the beating of your heart
Even when we are many miles apart 
We're connected like the moon and the stars.

I wait anxiously for the days I can see you
Even if we have disagreements I can't wait to meet you.
We do manage to fix things, bringing harmony back to our souls...
Then we go have a drink, a kiss and a nice beach stroll.
My favorite time is when the moon is out and we lay in bed 
I want to kiss your silky body and caress you around your neck
Then show you all my loving passion till you give me a big peck, 
I am just a man in love, who is not made out of brick.
A man who wants to continue making memories of us
Memories of unconditional love to last forever
Memories that nothing or no one can erase
Memories of victory, compassion, loyalty & grace.
So, please don't ever get lost - and always be you
Because God shines through in everything you do
And If God never gave me a chance to meet you, where would I be?
I just want to thank him because you are a true blessing to me.

Be my Valentine...

Poem ID: 88319   Poem Posted: 2/12/2014
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