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You Make Me Happy
by Jesse DeLance Sutton

You came into my life
At a time I needed someone
To hold me in the darkest
You capture my heart
With all the glory
Of loveís power.
I was like a sailor
That was lost at sea.
You came into my life at the darkest
Moment and rescued me.

I look back and wonder how
Did I get this far without
Your love.?
When we are together, you make my heart sing,
And I feel like I am on top of
The world.
Now I can tell you that in my life
Nothing remains the same.
When I look into those
Beautiful eyes I can see this love lasting for
An eternity.
I know from the little time
That we have been together that 
you were made for me.

You have made me happy
Beyond all means.
I canít forget 
what the joy of
Being with you brings.
Before you came, my tears in the midnight hour
Flowed like the mid summer rain.

I was so lonely and needed
Someone that would love me
And hold me in her loving 
Before I met you, everyday was the
Saddest days of my life.
Now with you, I now have someone to help
Me through life darkest storms.
With you in my life I 
Feel ten feet tall and am riding
So high.

I never thought that love could
Bring so much joy
Into my life.
The feeling that I feel when I am 
With you, makes my spirit feel so
I will love and cherish you
And the happiness you brought
Into my life until the day I die.

You have made me so happy,
I cannot find words to explain just
How good you make me feel.
I will give you the best of my 
Love and so much more as
Long as I shall live.
Together as we stand and repeat our
Vows of love.
We will be a living testimony of
What true love does.

My vows to you will be true and my love
For you will be forever.
I will always be there for you
And to leave you in the future, 
I will never.
I will hold and cherish you and give
You all the love your heart
Can stand.
For baby, you have made this
Guy a very happy man.

I love you my beautiful lady that
Came into my life just
In the nick of time.
Today, tomorrow and forever
You will always be mine.
And I will love you until
Time is no more.
You are the one that I will forever
Adore, and I will hold you close to my
Heart and I will never let you go.
For you and I will be together as one as long
As we shall live.
And to you all that I have I will gladly give.
Thanks my love for making
Me the happiest man in the world.

Poem ID: 87031   Poem Posted: 5/26/2007
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