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Missing You
by Jesse DeLance Sutton

Tonight as I lay here with
With thoughts only of you,
My mind is saturated with
Memories of you that have captured
My heart through and through.
With a love that is ever so true
And memories of you that are
so pure.

My eyes are wide open and sleep
Seems to fail me. At 2 o'clock in
The morning, I just canít seem to 
Get you off of my
Even in the midnight hour I find my
Self thinking of you all
Of the time.

I can smell your favorite perfume, 
The freshness of your hair as
I lay here thinking of you.
I look over next to me, but you are not there.
Only the empty
Echo of a silent room.
Please bring her to me is my
I need to see your beautiful
Face soon.

As I lay here thinking of you,
Memories of our love
Open the flood gate of tears that
Have been bottled up 
For so long.
Each day is getting harder for
Me to carry on.

I miss you, and I am a man
For whom life now has no meaning
Without your love.
I try to find meaning as to why you
Are not here as I pray to God above.

I travel up and down the
Road of life trying
To find completeness before my
Life is over, and this body goes back to the earth from
Where it came.
Without you, nothing remains the 

I long to hold you and
Make sweet love to you, hold you
In my arms and never
Let you go.
Each night the memories of you
And the way we can be only hurts
Me so much more.
You are the one that my heart adores, and if
Ever you are in my arms
Again, I will never let you go.

Each morning as I start my
Day, the memories of you follow me
Throughout the day,
And the hope that you will
Come back to me and
Never go away.

I am missing you my love
And If I have to, I will forever
Wait for you,
But until then I have to make a life without you
And the memories of the way we were continue...
For you are the one that
My heart loves so true.

I love you, please come back to me.
I am waiting for you so 
Love without you will never
be the same.
The tears of missing you is beginning
to fall like rain.

What we can be and achieve
Will no longer be a mystery,
You, my love, will belong to me.
All the days of my
Life, I will love you ever so
But right now, my love I am missing
I want you in my arms

Poem ID: 86881   Poem Posted: 5/14/2007
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