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by Alyssa Anne Vitry

I cannot breathe
The air all around me is tainted;
Dense with lies and emptiness.
Our promises floating away on the breeze
And I am drowning in my tears
As the rain tries to wash away my pain.

Inside I am hollow.
Pieces of me are breaking away,
Crumbling like fallen rocks along a stormy ocean cliff-
And I am a tiny raft upon those waves
Being tossed about,
Not knowing what is to become of me;
Of my world and everything that once had been my life.

Who am I, without him?
Our souls were no longer separate, but one.
We took in but one breath
And lived with the beat of one heart...
Where has my best friend gone,
And why could I not go with?

But oh, he smiles down upon me even now.
Trying to calm my shaken soul
As the storm inside me rages,
Until I no longer have the strength to rage
Or to cry, or to scream at the heavens above me.
When all I can do is stare into the peaceful blue sky
Unthinking and unfeeling, but as one...

One soul that must survive.
One heart that must go on beating,
Even as the scars remain.
One body that must walk the days ahead
Knowing that they have been loved completely
And afraid that feeling will never be felt again.

I cannot breathe.
I am suffocating on my uncertainty.
There is no safety or security anymore,
No arms to hold me when I worry
And no laughter to cheer me in times of doubt...
Where has my only love gone?
I miss him so.

Poem ID: 86452   Poem Posted: 4/28/2014
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Copyright , February 19, 2007, Alyssa Anne Vitry  all rights reserved by the author.
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