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Vague perceptions
by DeCarlos Ramon Sanders

Why did you have to come back in my life? 
I didnít want this confusion. 
Just like last time you completely made an illusion, 
a false definition that lead to the solution 
that made me come to a conclusion.

Here with me a couple of days out the week, 
sitting down resting so softly. 
Hopes and dreams of trying to make you mine, 
knowing you have just gotten out of an intertwine.

Should I try to push away because I donít want to be a mistake 
that was here long enough to just heal that phase?

Brown skin, light eyes, beautiful features; 
trying to realize why he didnít catch the love 
that was so deeply open to physical aspects of common size.

False attentions come about when I think of the long conversations 
that we had when we elaborated on a man 
who feels you should be ashamed of the outcome that he arranged.

A women, I said a women given a chance, 
I would love her so deeply 
she would not know the difference 
between reality and fiction.
I promise those are my only intentions.

Friends she mentions I understand her intentions, 
she only feels this way because of the repetitive situations.
Could you understand her fixations and deconstruct her mind 
so she will become un-blind and realize 
Iím in her life for a lifetime. 
Not by choice of placement of a power greater than words, 
even if love itself becomes a verse, 
I swear it was not rehearsed.

Vague perceptions

By: DeCarlos Sanders

Poem ID: 86306   Poem Posted: 3/15/2007
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