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In Mind And Earth
by Kasey Robert Montgomery

Stars seep into my world 
unknown to what lies ahead.
They show up in places,
only she knows what's said
and only she knows the faces.

I have tackled the odds
defeated the tides of sin
and what answers lie in front
only I can take and twist.
She led me through the world
with dignity and haste
pointed the arrow and let go.

We lie together with this short delay
our love still shines like the sun
and my heart still grasps her night and day.
The lies were not told to hurt
never one again will leave this mouth
and never will I say The False or rudely blurt.

She lies in my world, so beautiful and sweet.
I lie against her breast, in heaven,
swept off of my feet.
In my world she is my fantasy,
in my mind she is the soothing hand.
We'll walk together in love
across our never-ending land

Poem ID: 8629   Poem Posted: 10/24/1998
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Copyright , 10/19/98, Kasey Robert Montgomery  all rights reserved by the author.
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