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Victory of An Ogre
by   Suds

An ogre is beating his chest,
laughing gay again once more;
For it has succeeded again today,
in what it was born for.

Again today it has snapped apart,
the hearts of two soulmates;
Again today it has bled to death,
a love baby cutest.

It lingered around and around,
like a cruel typhoon;
Eyeing all the time furiously,
the love so lively and so heavenly.

But today on this fateful day,
it passed over the abode so sweet;
Mowing down ruthlessly,
the home the, world of those soulmates two.

A bleeding heart,
a heap of hay chewed out;
A funeral pyre and a dark night,
sums up now, all that is left.

The world, the home, the trust, the faith,
the promises, the vows, and the love divine;
But nothing is left and nothing is spared
it's all gone, destroyed oh it's all burned down.

Who should be blamed?
the demon or the destiny;
Or it comes about like this,
when it isn’t meant to be.

Or is it the “blind”
which blinded a mate;
Who chose to fend
the evil spirit.

Or was it a game,
played by a mate;
And the demon consort,
on her soulmate innocent.
Whatever be the cause, whoever be guilty,
the fact remains that
The ogre has succeeded again today,
in what it was born for...
Slaughtering the love babies and slitting love hearts.

Poem ID: 86267   Poem Posted: 3/12/2007
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Copyright , 8th March 2007,  all rights reserved by the author.
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