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Washing Away
by Melissa G McFelia

Standing upon the shore as
waves crash upon endless miles of
beautiful beach,
I see your face.
It's almost like a vision
that fleets through my mind
at the most inopportune times.
This time is different,
this time it's here to stay.
You are there as I run to you.
I feel the wind blowing against my face,
caresing my cheeks and murmuring words of love in my ears.
Thousands of feelings rush to the surface
and cover my face with warm paths of tears.
You stand still and await my arrival-
Yet, I never arrive.
Your face has become frozen in time.
Your words are just a whisper in the breeze
compared to the harsh words of reality.
Your presence no longer surrounds me.
Your love has faded and washed away,
like the waves washing away my footprints in the sands.
As I continue down the beach
the waves continue to erase my path.
I fight frantically to keep going and leave a trail behind
so you can follow me
but, the waves always keep up.
Furiously, I am running into the unknown
And I know you will not be able to follow my path,
because my prints have washed away.

Poem ID: 8460   Poem Posted: 10/14/1998
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