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Into that silent night
by Kristina  Guy

Into that silent night
with a breath so strong
such an overwhelming feeling of tranquility
takes control of my single thoughts.
My journey from now, and until the world far beyond
can only feel the cool wind's embrace
when I am around you, my angel,
for only then can I know pure happiness.

You are the light that takes control of this world
guiding me through the endless twilight of this maze.
The darkness quickly races in the opposing direction
and the world will no longer be consumed with fear
as the mysteries held within this silver blue lake
come even clearer when I see you standing there.

So vividly the memories are sketched
leaving their feeling of power and imagination.
It is something to hold near my heart
in case, one day, should you leave
My dreams are so frightfully real
that it feels as though your arms are still around me.

My day is only complete once I see your beautiful smile
and hear your sweet, angelic song.
If I have to spend this life and the one that may dance beyond
without you my by side
I will always be missing the one piece to my puzzle, which is you.

And now, as I sit here, looking at your picture
Wishing amongst the stars in the sunny, purple sky
I long for the day that you will be mine
but until that moment in time
I will wander this earth, alone
and I leave for that silent night,

...a world of dreams and imagination
and a false world, with fake happiness.
But at least you are here
because this unknown reality is way too painful.

Poem ID: 82634   Poem Posted: 3/21/2007
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