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Lovers or Friends
by Talisa ShaKaye Butler

We have been friends for the longest 
and now my heart wants to kick it up to the next level,
Because you are so good to me 
and bad boyfriends, I have had several.

When you talk, I hear angels 
and when you smile, I see stars
You are the one man who has proved 
that not all men are from Mars.

What is going on in your life 
that is blocking me from giving you this love?
Just let me show you 
that we both can fly away from this on the wings of a dove.

Us being friends is the one of the things in the way,
For you to love me back 
is what I get down on my knees at night and pray.
I have a child and a boyfriend but my heart wants to try you.

Being with him, I'm not always happy 
but I know you will forever stay honest and true.
If we give it a try and thing mess up 
I will forever be your friend.

That is one love I will have for you that will never end.
Even if I never get to show you my love 
it will forever be locked up on the inside 
and that will never change.

At times I feel you near- even when you're out of range.
My love will be in a box next to my heart 
with your named marked on it
and waiting for you to come get your surprise.

Who would have known a love like this 
between two friends could arise.
But sometimes I'm not sure if you really like me,
So, tell me now... lovers or friends- what's it going to be?

Poem ID: 82126   Poem Posted: 10/3/2005
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