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Bewitched Immortal Love
by Sylvia  Leigh

On a crisp October night,
By love's sweet spell I knew
My life would never be the same
Beneath the autumn moon.

Bewitching words of love spake he
To lure me from the light...
Ever-enchanting promises
As solace from my fright.

The longer he whispered, the farther I dared
To follow the path he led,
All the while fighting a hideous case
Of perpetual fear and dread.

The man - so irresistible,
Well-versed and full of charm,
Swore the world and all it held
Lay waiting in his arms.

Of immortality he spake,
Of life fit for a queen...
Of wealth untold, magnificent tales
Of places I'd never been.

With all my might, I struggled to fight
The spell of the stranger's eyes,
Willing myself with all I had
To run from the stranger's lies.

But blinded by tears and stricken with fright,
I sadly could fight no more...
Surrender gave way on that sweet autumn night
To all he had promised before.

With quite a surprising tenderness,
He offered then his hand,
Transporting we two - to greater heights,
Just as he had planned.

We danced across the moon...(I swear),
We loved all through the night, 
Demanding but one concession...
That I sacrifice the light.

You see,
The man who stole my heart
Required so much more.
Destiny deems I walk the night
As never I did before.

By day, I sleep with sweet regret
And wait for evening's fall,
To dance the dance, I shan't forget
Each time I hear his call...

Poem ID: 8070   Poem Posted: 10/4/1998
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