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Seaside Lament
by Ron  Bliss

I visited the seashore,
For several hours today,
I hoped to clear my heart and mind,
And wile the hours away.
I strolled along the shoreline,
Then I walked out on the dock,
I sat entranced, for far too long,
On top of “Lover’s Rock.”
I watched the sea gulls on the sand,
Some pelicans flew by,
The dolphins did their graceful thing,
And I began to cry,
How many times, we’ve done these things,
As I have done today,
I came here for some answers,
Hoping I could find my way.
I watched the waves caress the shore,
The rising of the tide,
Each thing I did, we both have done,
I cried some more inside.
The beauty of an ocean shell,
Was tempting to my hand,
With neither heart nor spirit,
It remained there on the sand.
A crumbling castle, made of sand,
Is soon to be reclaimed,
The castle, like a crumbling love,
No one is to be blamed,
To come here, sit here, do these things,
Is punishment for me?
With you or without you,
There’s no place I’d rather be.
To come here, sit here, do these things,
For me is certain sorrow,
But just as I am here today,
I will be here tomorrow.

Poem ID: 79913   Poem Posted: 1/20/2005
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