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You Touched My Heart When You Were Born
by Rawland Charles Storm

Part 1

Sweet Sixteen...
At times the words don’t even seem
To belong
In the same universe...
At other times
There could be
No better match,
Especially for a Father...
How the years have flown
And how you have grown.
What do I want you to know
Today and everyday
For the rest of your life
Besides what I know— everything (just kidding).

Part 2

I know you sometimes never listen
But that you always hear;
That you say you don’t care
But then you wipe away a tear;
That you do not want to be like us
But you watch everything we do...
That you don’t believe in what we say
But you can see we believe in you.

Part 3

You touched my heart when you were born
That touch has not gone away;
Your fingers, toes and pretty nose
Were in my life to stay;
You made my life worth living...
Next to my wife— your Mom
You’re the greatest treasure in the world—
You’re the Storm and you’re the Calm...

Part 4

You know I don’t know all the answers
But those I know are true...
Yes, there still is right and there is wrong
And only One will do..

Part 5

When it comes to love
I pray every day
You find love like I’ve known
That gives as much as it takes away;

I pray you someday love as completely
As your Mother loves us
And loves me;
I pray you have learned by watching
Both of us
What love is supposed to be...

Part 6

And when I’m gone
I have a Friend
Who’ll still watch over you...
He always has, He always will
His love’s even greater than
Mine for you...
Thank God... He’s your Friend, too.

I wrote this for my two daughters 
the year they were both going to be 16.

Poem ID: 78041   Poem Posted: 8/30/2004
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Copyright , 2003, Rawland Charles Storm  all rights reserved by the author.
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