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by Stephanie Therese Wilson

I've been in love, out of love, around love; 
ahead of love, behind love, on love;
by love, next to love, and far, far away from love. 

I've thought I was in love with one person, 
but then someone else comes along, 
and I realize that *this time* I'm really in love.

Love is an amazing thing. 
You can love someone so much it hurts. 
That's probably, as I've come to find, the most intense love ever.

Love makes you wonder how you ever survived without that one person.
Looking through the eyes of love, all you see are beautiful things. 
The feeling you get is so warm and all you can do is laugh and smile 
until your cheeks hurt, because you're so happy. 

Love is that one person who makes you feel so good to be you. 
Love is that one person who thinks all your faults are beautiful. 
Love is doing what you said you would *never* do. 

Love is when you would give up anything for someone 
and you aren't afraid to tell them. 
Love is when all you can think about is that person, 
how they're feeling and what they're thinking about. 

Love is when you give someone the space they need to grow. 
Love is beautiful. 
Love is honest and forgiving. 

Love is laughter and smiles and hugs and kisses. 
Love is no matter how bad a day you're having, 
when you see them or hear their voice or read an email from them, 
for that moment, you forget everything 
and you're just grateful that you have them. 

Love is supporting the other person. 
Love is wishing that person never has to feel 
any physical, mental, or emotional pain again.
Love is not being afraid to say or show love. 
Love is that feeling you get when you look into their eyes. 
Love is knowing you'll always be there for each other--no matter what. 

Love is respectful and considerate and caring. 
Love is a heartbeat that pounds to your special song. 
Love is being able to let go of each other's pasts. 

Love is trusting. 
Love is ultimately within the heart, 
but it's your eyes that see the love first. 

Love is so many emotions and feelings and thoughts and words. 
Love is knowing when to let go and actually being able to let go. 
Love is knowing when to hold on. 

Love is when you don't want anything, 
except to be able to spend time with tha special person. 
Love knows no worth. 
Love cannot be bought, only earned. 

Love is wanting to tell the whole world! 
Love is not jealous. 
Love is not a want, but a need. 

Love is a need when there's an emptiness in the heart 
waiting to be filled--but not by the first person you meet, 
but by the *right* person. 

Love is being careful not to hurt the other person's feelings. 
Love is crying when they're in pain. 
Love is being able to apologize when you know you've done wrong. 
Love is being able to tell the other person how they make you feel. 

Love is outgoing. 
Love is bright. 
Love is seeing the sun through the clouds.

Love is when everything feels *so* right. 
Love is when nothing can go wrong, 
and even if it does, it doesn't matter 
because you know you have them by your side to help make everything better. 

Love is feeling like you're in a dream. 
Love cannot be understood or explained or reasonable. 
Love is acting on your first instinct. 

Love is thinking and speaking and feeling with your heart. 
Love is not taken for granted. 
Love is a miracle. 

Love is faithful. 
Love does not judge. 
Love is not being ashamed. 

Love is understanding the other person's actions 
and needs and feelings and thoughts. 
Love cannot be conquered. 
Love is a lifelong friendship of two hearts. 

Love is vulnerable. 
Love can hurt and heal at the same time. 
Love is being able to think only of that one person 
from the time you wake up until the time you got to bed
--but it doesn't end there, 
because you still think about them in your dreams. 

Love makes you do crazy things. 
Love always wins. 
Love is wanting to do anything to make the other person happy. 
Love is a feeling you can't live without. 
Love can never be forgotten.

Poem ID: 77402   Poem Posted: 7/30/2004
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Copyright , 2002, Stephanie Therese Wilson  all rights reserved by the author.
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