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Chris: so you think you're a playa
by   luv always

Everyone told me
Not to go out with you
Since you were a playa
And you would play me, too

You told me it was alright
You said not to be scared
Because you truly loved me
And because you cared

Each day you would hold me close
And say you'd never leave
You said I would never hurt
And I would never grieve

Then without a warning
You said that we were through
I don't know what went wrong
I just didn't have a clue

Then you say you wanna 'mess around'
And you confess you still feel the same
That you just weren't ready,
But I was just a pawn in your game

Later on I found out
You flirted with my best friend
You thought I wouldn't know
But I was told everything in the end

When you said it was all over
I thought that I would die
But I'm so over that
Because everything was just a lie

I sacrificed a lifelong friend for...
A love that lasted fifteen days
I regret all the things I did
I regret my hurtful ways

So you think you're so good
You think you're 'tha man'
But you're just a boy
Who thinks that he can

Now I know you really are a playa
And you're just one of those little pricks
You'll never really have true love
But good luck with them easy 'tricks'

Poem ID: 7640   Poem Posted: 9/21/1998
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