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Faded Beauty
by Liquid  Mercury

I stare at the treasure I hold
One delicate red rose
Freshly plucked this morning
It's petals all still closed

I've watched it mature
Since it began to grow
And today I saw it ready
To make it my own

Lovely as the morning sun
Fragrance fills the air
It's beauty caught my eye
To none does it compare

I place it in a jar of water
It's beauty start to bloom
Bees buzz about my rose
Attracted by the sweet perfume

At the height of it's splendor
I stare at my perfect prize
All this beauty is my own
It leaves me mesmerized

Days and weeks go by
I cherish what I've found
As I gaze upon it's perfection
It's beauty is all around

One day I notice a change
My flower starts to fade
A petal falls into my hand
As it begins to pass away

Petals fall- one each day
Until all have gathered ,dead
No longer a thing of beauty
A faded grace instead

Yet, what is this I found?
Within my withered rose
A hundred tiny seeds
Waiting to grow

Going through such heartache
As our love's beauty fades
I cry to lose such precious times
As past love dies away

I know there's so much to learn
From lost love left behind
And that within every faded love
There are seeds of opportunity to find.

Poem ID: 73775   Poem Posted: 3/25/2003
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Copyright , 2002, Liquid Mercury  all rights reserved by the author.
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