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Maybe It's Time I Let You Go
by  Ash 

So, why can't you make up your mind?
Why are you sitting around acting like you're blind?
You know I have everything for you,
But do you not see that I'll stay right through?

Why pretend our feelings aren't there,
When you know you don't want me to be shared?
Why do you still act the same,
When all that has happened has you to blame?

When are you going to put us first?
When will you let me sing that verse?
When can you be mine,
So I can say I'm fine?

When can I stop crying?
When will you start trying?
Are you going to make me wait forever,
And tell HER it won't happen again...ever?

How am I expected to feel the same,
When I feel like I'm part of a little game?
When will you let us be "us"?
Why are you causing such a fuss?

Can you please just answer me?
Will you please just let me see
That you're the person I know you are,
The person I am loving from the bottom of my heart?

Can you tell me your feelings will never change?
Can you tell me I won't always have to look at you from this range?
When are you going to stop this missing
That leaves me wanting you and your kissing?

Can you tell me you will love me?
Can you tell me that you and I will always be?
Will you look into my eyes
And tell me no lies?

Does it hurt to have to stand there knowing you're not mine?
Does it bother you that you can lie and say you're fine?
Mike, I love you, but I have to let you know
That I can't wait around forever, even though I love you so.

Maybe it's just time I let you go....

Poem ID: 73559   Poem Posted: 1/24/2003
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