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Alone again
by   Bnana78

I took your pictures out of the frames
They used to sit by my bed
I put away the letters and notes
But I canít put you out of my head

Iím picking up the pieces
Of my frail and broken heart
But I donít know how I can mend it
And keep it from falling apart

Your words and arms, they held me close
And kept me safe from pain
But once they disappeared from my gaze
The hurt came back again

I look at you and wonder
Whatís going on in your life
I wonder what things you say and do
When youíre alone with your wife

Do you tell her you still love her
And that youíll never leave her side?
Do you comfort her and hold her close
Feeling guilty that you lied?

Do you look at her and see me?
Maybe itís the other way around
Do you look at her and see in me
All the things you have found?

Who knows what the future brings
Or where our paths will cross?
Maybe youíll look back one day
And fell a great big loss

Maybe youíll go on
And forget all about me
Maybe the way things are now
Is exactly how they should be

Just one thing I want to say
(Please keep it in your heart)
You will always be my one true love
And I knew that from the start

Poem ID: 72846   Poem Posted: 11/9/2002
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Copyright , 10/18/02, Bnana78  all rights reserved by the author.
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