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Living With Your Memories!
by   Lonelygirl

I was walking in a gloom
Seemingly alone on the beach
My eyes let the tears bloom 
As you were painfully out of reach

You seemed to be with me all the while
But never in truth, never to be real
All the words and voices appear to have become mute
And the unspoken feelings- much too cruel

Flooding memories rush back in time
In every moment awake and every dream in sleep
Yet, I have no physical recollection to hold onto
And that you were never mine- makes me weep

Your absence now makes me go mad
And I am really confused about what we actually had
We trusted it was more than a friendship we shared
And, missing you this way is making me sad

I really donít know what I feel inside
And this hurt makes my heart go weak
My emotions somewhere I have displaced
There are so many things and answers I seek

Was I a mere vacation for you
While you entertained your heart and mine?
Once again, I am stuck wondering 'why?'
Walking alone in the dark, wanting to cry

I long for a little word from you
Waiting by the phone that never rings with your call
I wanted you to be next to me, holding my hand...
(I should have caught myself when I knew I would fall)

Hopes of tomorrow seem to be fading
And my today is packed with grief
I am merely living with your memories
Even though the time we shared was so brief!

Poem ID: 72309   Poem Posted: 11/10/2002
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Copyright , Jul'2002,  all rights reserved by the author.
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