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I'm Sorry
by Stephanie Therese Wilson

You think I'm gonna lie to you again
So how can I get back your trust
You won't forgive and forget
But to move on, it's a must

How can I make you understand
That I won't decieve you again
Let's concentrate on the future
And forget about what happened then

I want you to believe in me
And give me another chance
But in order to do that
You need to let go of the past

I've apologized to you 
A million times before
But you say it doesn't matter
So what am I even trying for?

I want to scream out loud 
How much I care about you
But would you listen to my feelings
And believe what I am saying is true?

I just want to know
Where we're going from here
I promise not to hurt you again
So you have nothing to fear

So let me know what you're thinking
And what's going through your mind
Because maybe if you let me in
I can uncover the truth you're trying to find

Poem ID: 68566   Poem Posted: 3/3/2002
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Copyright , 2001, Stephanie Therese Wilson  all rights reserved by the author.
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