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Missing You
by Destiny Marie Szymczak

I call you on the phone
simply to hear your breath.
This time apart feels more and more
like a long, slow lingering death.

You are with my spirit.
It's the presence that keeps me whole
and memories flow constantly
holding me warm wherever I go.

Yet there is no substance,
no reality I can touch;
no way to put my feelings on pause
from missing and loving you so much.

No hugs, no kisses
only too long, lonely nights
to close my eyes and dream of you
the only pleasure in sight.

The pain and sadness...
when will it be through?
I know it'll get worse
until I get home to you.

Poem ID: 67281   Poem Posted: 8/6/2002
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Copyright , 1997, Destiny Marie Szymczak  all rights reserved by the author.
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