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I've Found the One
by Nacki K Fearon

All my life Iíve been searching.  
So many others Iíve seen, but refused, 
God knows why.  
I choose you for one great reason, 
to never stop loving you.

Iíve found the one, 
the one who appears to be so sweet,
the one who knocks me off my feet.

Iíve found the one, 
the one who changed everything 
with just a smile,  
the one who makes living more worthwhile.

Iíve found the one, 
the one who sees me through, 
the one who showed me a love 
thatís pure and true.

Iíve found the one, 
the one who gives my heart a reason to beat.
The love I have for you I shall forever keep.

Iíve found the one, 
the one who captured my heart,  
the one I will love forever, 
even if we are 1,000 million miles apart.

Iíve found the one, 
the one I will love after another day,
the same one I will love 
even after we are old and gray.

Iíve found the one, 
the one who will forever be mine,
the one I will love beyond human time.

Before I met you, 
my life had no meaning, destiny, nor aim.  
But now that I have found you, 
all I want to do is love you.  

Now that Iím with you,
I feel as if my only being on Earth 
is to ensure your joy and happiness; 
you are just the best.

Itís so hard to find true love, 
but for sending you to me 
I thank The Great One Above.

Poem ID: 66559   Poem Posted: 11/11/2001
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