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Crying soul
by diane  ho

          Listening with your heart...
 A little more than Friendship...
Nobody knows how friendship starts... 
Nobody knows or understands 
How from a glance, a smile or merely a nod, 
Two people can get together to share that special glow of friendship.

Still more non-understanding is, 
How from a friendship love can sprout out,
As strong and vibrant as a rising sun.

Nobody knows how painful it is to fall in love with a friend,
To watch him, to see him, to talk to him,
Knowing full well that love between the two of you is impossible.
Knowing that no matter what you do, he will only always 
consider you as a more than a friend but never less.

And yet, for all the gold in the world, 
you would never admit your strong love for him.
Not so that he stops hugging you, 
Not so that he stops talking with you 
with that same wonderful smile on his face,
Not so that it creates a barrier between the two of you,
Never so that he feels obliged to go out with you.

And silently, slowly, you begin to whither away,
To suffer in silence,
To agonize each time he doesn’t give sign of life,
To wonder whether he has found someone else to love,
To receive a blow in the region of the heart whenever 
he tells you he loves you, he cares for you...and always like a friend...

And all the while,
You have to pretend, to smile, to laugh with him,
And even to push him in the arms of other girls.
And all the while,
Your heart is bleeding so much that you have nightmares at night.

It is sad, it becomes sad,
To long and not have
To wish and not get
To hope and yet lose
And to realise that some people are meant to be
But that it is just not u and me

Poem ID: 63783   Poem Posted: 8/3/2001
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Copyright , 27 juillet 2001, diane ho  all rights reserved by the author.
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