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The Necklace
by   ITSme

I wear a special necklace, its little links are gold
  You gave it for my birthday, when I was feeling old
On the chain there is a heart, a little rose inlay
  That always makes me think of you, each and ev'ry day

This necklace is so special, it's the last thing that you gave
    before you went to heaven, and, the last thing that I saved
The necklace will remain, a symbol of my love
  to you, my son, who left this world, to go to be above
And tho' I do not understand, why you had to go
  I know there was a better plan, 'though what, I do not know

But someday we will meet again, our faces shining bright
  because we'll meet in heaven, within the heavenly light
So, until that day, my first born child, that's the way it'll be
  You'll always be that inlaid rose, within the heart of me

Poem ID: 6330   Poem Posted: 7/19/1998
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