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The Boy
by Stephanie Therese Wilson

I chose a boy to call my own; I picked him out of the crowd
His eyes were full of warmth
And his voice overpowered with sincerity
His build was muscular, yet safe and welcoming
He seduced me with one moment of eye contact
My eyes were like windows letting him see into my heart 
And he knew exactly what to do

His heart was made out of love and honesty
His mind was made out of maturity and loyalty
The luscious red lips he possessed were truly tasteful-looking
His hands were clenched in weak fists dangling at his sides
The way he walked was like a stream
--a steady pace with no sudden interruptions
His spirit was free, waiting to be claimed 
   by an angelic soul full of love and patience
I decided mine would be that angelic soul

I spread my wings, let go of my insecurities, and made myself
   vulnerable to him
He absorbed all the attention, hook, line, and sinker
But I didn't look before I leapt
What once was love became jealousy
   and rudeness
Those eyes that were so full of warmth... turned ice cold
I had to let him go
I was like a butterfly having to stop soaring 
But I achieved the impossible
Now he's just a wandering spirit and my angelic soul is flying
   higher than ever

Poem ID: 61053   Poem Posted: 6/16/2001
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Copyright , 2000, Stephanie Therese Wilson  all rights reserved by the author.
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