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You and Me
by David A. Anania

You and me 
We come from different worlds
We are far apart
But I am still completely in love.

Well, thereís nothing I can do
I only wanna be with you
You can call me a fool
But I only wanna be with you.

Sometimes I wonder
If our separation will ever end
I love you so much
And my love will never end.

Well, thereís nothing I can do
To always be with you
I only wanna be with you
Iíve been looking for a girl like you.

I think of you, and I've got nothing left to say
I wanna spoil you so you always get your way
I canít dance, I canít sing
I just want to love you
But being apart from you feels like a sting.

I canít help it if I am lucky
For having a girl as beautiful as you
You drive me crazy, and youíre my everything
Yeah, Iím tangled up in you, ainít Susan so cool.

I donít wanna be alone
I donít wanna see the sun go down alone
I donít wanna open the door and see you go
One step and tomorrow comes
Two steps and you're off the sidewalk
Three steps and it's all you know
Iíll be old, and youíll be gone.

Hold on strong, donít let go 
There will never be anyone to take your place 
So donít you want to reach out and take my hand.

With a little love, and some gentleness 
We'll stride upon the water 
We'll rise above this mess 
With a little peace, and some lovingness 
We can take this world together 
I wanna take you by the hand
Cause I got a hand for you.

I Want you to hold my hand 
I'll take you to a place where you can be 
Anything you wanna be because 
I wanna love you the best that I can.

I want you to hold my hand 
I wanna take you to the promised land 
Maybe we can't change the world 
But I wanna love you the best that I can.

I spend my nights in here 
Watching the stars on the big screen they call the sky
Then I lie awake and I wonder
Why canít that be me out there with you?
But just before I say goodnight and go to sleep 
I look up and think of you, and I say:
If I could be like that
I would give anything
Just to live one day in those shoes
If I could be like that, what would I do?
All I want is to be with you
I stay up and wonder why we canít be together
All I ever really wanted in life was one thing
And that was to be happy
And being happy would mean
I get to stay together with no one but you
I dream of being together.

I spend my days thinking about you
Watching the people as they pass by
And all I want is just a little piece 
of this dream to come true
Is that too much to ask?
With a safe life, and a warm bed, on a quiet little street
All I want is that something to hold on to 
Thatís all I need
All I need in life to make me happy is one thing
Thatís all I need, and that one thing is you.

Every time we talk 
This feeling inside me is almost more than I can take
Baby, when you touch my heart 
I can feel how much you love me, and it just blows me away
I've never been this close to anyone or anything
I can hear your thoughts, I want to see your dreams
I don't know how you do what you do; I'm so in love with you. 

It just keeps getting better
I wanna spend the rest of my life with you by my side 
Forever and ever
Every little thing you do, Baby, I'm so amazed by you!

So let them say it's wrong for me to love you
They could never feel the way I do when I am with you 
When we're close like this 
They can't see inside my soul
They can't know the love I know 
All they do is waste their time
They can never change my mind.

Who careís what anyone else thinks?
I sure as heck donít
As long as you love me, and weíre together
That is enough to make me want to live
When you touched my heart with your presence 
You brightened up my life 
And gave me the light I needed 
In a very dark and gloomy point in my life.

I have my reason for life, even if it is only one reason
It is the most important reason that any guy could ever have
That one reason means the world to me
That one reason is the greatest person in the world
That one reason gives me the strength to get up every morning
That one reason gives me the strength 
To keep from running away from all my problems
That one reason is the reason why I am here today
That one reason is you, and it will always be this special girl
That special girl means the world to me, plus more
That special girl is Susan Christine Trice 
That special girl is you.

Real love hurts
Real love makes you totally vulnerable and open
Real love will take you far beyond yourself
Therefore real love will devastate you
If love does not shatter you
You do not know love
We have gone through a lot
We have both been hurt greatly
I think we have true love
My love for you grows greater with every moment
And I so greatly care for you.

Love, they say, is patient
Love, they say, is kind
It sees beyond other's faults
For love they say is blind
Love does not diminish
Or rust and fade with years 
But it will gain strength
From time, laughter, joy, and tears.

What is there to fear in love?
Love is the very reason we live
To fear love is to lose all sense of living
And if we cannot love, then why have we been put here?
Fearing love is like being afraid of breathing
It's not something to be scared of
It's something so natural that no one can resist.

Baby, my heart is yours 
And I cannot help it, and I have given in
I canít resist falling in love with you
I canít keep myself from thinking about you 
Every moment of my life
I canít stop the love I have for you 
Nor can I stop my love from growing
I never dreamed that I'd love somebody like you
No, I never dreamed that I'd have somebody like you
But we have each other now 
And that is the greatest thing in the world
As long as we have each other we can accomplish anything.

Every day I get up, and I am so mad at myself 
Because I canít be with you
I would give up everything I have 
just to see what itís like for you to fall asleep in my arms
Just to be able to hold you and feel good about myself
If I could be with you, I would give anything 
Just to live one day with you by my side
I treasure you more than anything I have ever cherished before
You are the girl I had always wanted
You are the only one for me
I would die for you
I would walk through barbed wire for you
I would take a bullet for you
I would do anything for you
You mean so much to me
And I am so crazy about you
I donít know if anyone else thinks of the person they love 
As much I think about you
I donít know if anyone loves his or her loved one 
As much as I love you
But what I do know is that the feeling I get inside 
When I hear or see you say, ďI love youĒ 
Is the greatest feeling in the world.

Iím not sure about anything
But there is one thing I know
I know that I am crazy
Crazy in love with you.

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Copyright , 2/27/01, David A. Anania  all rights reserved by the author.
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