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A Lover's Tears
by S. Hall Zilla

When lovers first meet...
Eye to eye,
Soul to soul,
Heart to heart...
An accumulation starts.

So powerful an emotion, 
it cannot be explained,
So overwhelming, at times,
It cannot be contained...
This thing called "Love"

It manifests itself in so many different ways,
happiness... Sadness...
Confidence... fears...
Touches... hugs... kisses
and, oh... so many tears.

Tears that soothe,
tears that release,
tears that confuse,
tears that bring peace.

Tears for other eyes,
tears kept buried within,
tears not meant for lovers to see,
tears shared only with a friend.

Tears that mingle
when the body is content.
When words are unnecessary
and your entire being is spent... 
Saturating your hair
  your ear
    your pillow
      your mind
        your soul...

Creating eternal memories
to be treasured and recalled
when you've reached your "gold."

Of all the tears that are shed,
as one travels through the years
the most painful and yet, 
rewarding of these
are a lover's tears.

I am in agreement with the poet...
(the name I cannot recall)
who penned...
"It's better to have loved and lost..
Than never to have loved at all."

Although my heart has been broken,
as this life of mine unfurled-
I wouldn't trade the love we shared,
for all the riches in the world.

I even treasure the tears.

Poem ID: 5718   Poem Posted: 7/2/1998
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Copyright , June 16, 1998, S. Hall Zilla  all rights reserved by the author.
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