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by Annie Lu Real_me

If the sun decides not to shine one morning
I know I'm just gonna have to look at your face to light up my day
And if, curiously, the birds stop singing
I will write songs for you with words I never had the courage to say

If it ever happens that this world becomes cold
I'll run to your warm embrace, 'cause there's nobody else I wanna hold
And if, one day, there's no happiness on this earth
I'll watch your lovely smile and know I won't get hurt

If the stars don't appear in the sky one night
I'll securely look at the sparkles in your eyes
And if it's to be the last time we see the moon shining so bright
I'll go get the moon for you and offer it as a surprise

If, lately, it happens that I have to choose between you and my life
Without hesitation I'd still choose you
I wouldn't have had time to become your wife
But there's nothing I wouldn't give for you

If later on there is no more air to breathe
Then I'll take the last breath with you
And if there's a time when you should leave
Then I'll just hold your hand and whisper, "I love you"

Those are the reasons why, if I would have to make a promise
Before leaving this world behind
I would promise to wait for you in heaven and keep you in my mind
Because my love for you is endless

      Je t'aime!

 dedicated To N.Z.

Poem ID: 56262   Poem Posted: 2/12/2001
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Copyright , 2001, Annie Lu  all rights reserved by the author.
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