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All To Me
by Barry  Fitzpatrick

For years I had been searching
For that perfect fantasy
But, I find it in my arms right now
You are all to me

When I wake up in the morning
You are all I see
Then I think about you
And how happy you make me

You're everything I wanted
You're everything I need
I look at you and know
That you are all to me

Holding you at arms length
Looking deep in your eyes
Fate has played a final hand
And now I realize

That all the years of searching
All the tears of pain
The dreams that were shattered
Crying in the rain

Was the price I needed to pay
For all that I need
I found it all in your heart
And you are all to me

All the smiles in my life
And the tears when I cry
You are the laughs I share
You are the reason why

You are all the doorways
And you are the keys
You are the light in the darkness
You are all to me

All the rainbows after storms
And the sun in the sky
You are all the words I speak
You are the tears I cry

All the songs in my head
And all the poems I write
You are all the things I see
And I know that it's right

I have searched a thousand years
And I have cried a thousand tears
I found everything I need
You are everything to me

I have asked all the questions
I have always wondered why
I have wiped away a million tears
And, I still wonder why?

That I missed it that first day
What was it, I didn't see
You are all I will ever need
You are all to me

As I lay myself down to sleep
All I see is your face
I have you in my heart
And that is your place

I have dreamed of this time
And the words that I say
I don't want to lose you now
So, please don't walk away

There is so much more to our love
So much left to see
You are everything I want
You, you are all to me

I love you in the morning
And at night while I sleep
I promise to you my love
That's a promise I will keep

I know how it's hard for you
And you don't really know
But, look deep into my eyes
Can you let me go

If I tell you that I need you
And I want to hold you near
Will the choice be any easier
The option, any more clear

Poem ID: 5496   Poem Posted: 6/7/1998
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Copyright , 1996, Barry Fitzpatrick  all rights reserved by the author.
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