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Reflected Emotions
by Alyssa Anne Vitry

From inside her wine glass
Her clear, green eyes reflect.
They fill the alcohol 
With the enchantment of the night,
Its harmonious respect.

A curl is dangling infront of her brow;
Her hand carries many rings;
She smilies like a movie star;
Then, she sips the white wine.
She's an angel without wings.

Her skin is an olive tan
Perfect complexion to say the best.
She nibbles the end of a strawberry
While tapping the napkin in her lap-
Then picks it up to guard food from her breast.

She's carefully mischievous
If there ever was a word...
She gazes deep inside my soul
I feel flutters in my stomach.
She whispers... but none is heard.

She holds my heart with her delicate hands
Crosses her legs with calm, subtle ease.
She has never been alone
Always a man to come to her aid
She has never been very easy to please.

Poem ID: 5184   Poem Posted: 6/8/1998
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Copyright , 5/30/98, Alyssa Anne Vitry  all rights reserved by the author.
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