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Back To Me
by Hopeless  Romantic

Crawl on my hands and knees
beg you please
swim through miles of water
climb a mountain or anything taller...
That's what I would do 
to bring you back to me.

Stay up every night 
never give you up with out a fight
starve until my love is what you see
pick myself off my family tree...
That's what I would do 
to bring you back to me.

I know I said things 
I shouldn't have said
but I needed to do anything 
to try and get you out of my head.
I thought it would help 
but I was wrong
I can't just throw away these feelings 
that are so strong.

But now what do we do?
We haven't talked
we would look up 
but we just went on and walked
away from each other, out of our lives.
We should be together, start over again
I wish we could say this isn't the end. 

But on we kept walking trying not to look back
wishing these feelings would cut us some slack
not looking over our shoulder
because we thought there was nothing to look back and see...
With all this said
and all these thoughts now running through our heads
tell me... What can I do 
to bring you back to me?

Poem ID: 51276   Poem Posted: 11/26/2000
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