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Night to Remember
by Jacob Silver Coman

It was a night to remember
In the crisp, cool air
The stars were dancing like foxfire
And my nose was in your angelic hair.

We were held together by some magical spell
Then, your eyes flashed like the brilliant diamonds above
I looked away, scared, afraid, up to the celestial bowl
I glanced back, only to find... a gateway to your soul.

Your gaze cleared my mind of all impending fear
It felt amazing, wonderful, extraordinary, to hold you near
In a trance, I pulled you close- oh, so tight!
Then a hand clasped mine and the electricity seemed just right.

As your lips touched mine
The flavor, like honey, tasted so divine.
The feel like a chilling breeze in December
Yes, I believe this was definitely... a night to remember.

Poem ID: 4988   Poem Posted: 5/29/1998
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Copyright , 1998, Jacob Silver Coman  all rights reserved by the author.
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