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Forget You Not
by Heaven On Earth

I can't forget about you
  The world just won't let me
    Every day I try even harder
      But the world just can't see
Maybe I don't want to forget you
  Why can't I just love you
    I just can't give up hope
      The same hope you once knew
Every day I wake to a world
  Filled with reminders of our love
    Which once gave me a will
      To survive for the sake of us
But now there is no us anymore
  So what's this life worth?
    Then I look at you and know
      I have to make this love work
See I've found my purpose
  I need to be with you
    You don't know just yet
      So I'll make the first move
I loved you...I love you still
  It's something I just can't stop
    This is out of my control
      It's in the hands of God
I just want to hold you
  And make you see that I'm here
    Look into my heart and find
      That you have nothing to fear
I'm gonna hold you forever
  And always I will be
    Near to you and by your side
      Just give your hand to me
Look into my eyes and see
  That I'm not going anywhere
    You're all that I'll ever need
      I'm the one who really cares
So now you know why
  I just couldn't forget your love
    It's cuz I knew we'd be together again
      We weren't through with "us."

Poem ID: 48169   Poem Posted: 10/19/2000
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Copyright , 10/6/00, Stefanie LuAnne Gregory  all rights reserved by the author.
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