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Voice of Your Heart
by Lily  Tchen

When you think about life
And all its negative things,
Scary thoughts occur,
Great fears it brings.
Dealing with friends
Who betrayed your trust.
Standing alone in the rain
From dawn to dusk.
Losing the man
With whom you wished to share your dreams,
Leaves you with eyes like clouds
And tears like streams.
With family members
Arguing from day to night,
Makes you want to run away
From that unpleasant sight.
School is hard,
Doing work you donít understand.
Walking down a road
Holding no future in your hand.
Your world is dark,
Empty and confused.
You feel angry, frustrated,
And completely used.
Everything is unclear,
You only see death on the way.
This life isnít worth living,
It should be taken away.
But then thereís a small voice
That suddenly appears.
Looking all around... you
Canít seem to find it anywhere.
This little voice said,
ďThereís a whole lot more to life.
Everyone goes through joy,
Happiness, pain and strife.
There are people who love you,
And you will meet new friends.
Everyday is a new experience,
Itís just a matter of where and when.Ē
That is when you calm down
And begin to think.
After all, life can be good
And have its positive things.
You can have an education
If youíre willing to learn.
Youíre future is the road ahead,
Considering which way you turn.
You have been hurt,
Betrayed, denied and used.
But people will know your importance
Depending on the kind of friends you choose.
Not having a boyfriend
Isnít the end of the world.
Heís not worth loving
If he leaves you for another girl.
Itís normal for a family to argue,
ĎCause thatís how they compromise.
If you think problems canít be solved
Then youíre not very wise.
This little voice saved your life-
Didnít keep you and the world apart.
Thatís when you realize this voice...
Is the ďvoice of your heartĒ.

Poem ID: 4624   Poem Posted: 5/16/1998
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