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Shelter From The Storm
by Sherry Lois Fionda

Do you know how much you mean to me
or how much I truly care
when I say the words, "I love you"
are you listening-  do you hear?

My love keeps growing stronger
as the years have passed us by;
do you feel what's in my heart,
do you see what's in my eyes?

You're my shelter from the storm
when bitter winds blow my way
and when your arms hold me close
that's where I want to stay

And when you wonder why it feels so good,
why it feels so right
don't you know, it's love that heats the fire
that burns between us through the night?

I can see it in your eyes
and in the words you speak
I can feel it in your touch
that love is what you seek

But it hides beneath the surface
just waiting to be found
frightened of the thunder
when the rain comes pouring down.

I'll be there within your arms
when morning light appears
I'll be there right beside you,
can't you see how much I care?

I'll be there tomorrow
and the day that's after that;
I'd be there in twenty years
and ten years after that.

I know you still need time
to fight battles you have within
if you could trust my love
it's a fight you'd surely win.

Let's tear down those walls
let's break those stubborn chains
the chains that keep you locked
within yesterday's fading pain.

I wonder if you know
to my heart you hold the key
you've unlocked a kind of love
that sleeps inside of me.

And I think you feel it, too
what I no longer try to hide
it's buried beneath the scars,
truth beneath the lies.

You're almost to the window-
look closely and you'll see
beyond the mirrored glass
there is a future that could be.

I'm standing in the doorway,
I'll be waiting there for you,
reach out and take my hand,
trust that love will pull you through.

You asked if I was back
but I've never left your side
I'll always be there waiting,
waiting till you arrive.

So, don't leave me in the doorway
when your arms are oh so warm
let me come inside
be my shelter from the storm-

let me come inside
be my shelter from the storm...

Poem ID: 44990   Poem Posted: 9/2/2000
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Copyright , 1999, Sherry Lois Fionda  all rights reserved by the author.
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