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In Loving Memory of My Best Friend
by Tiffany Lynn Marcotte

My Life changed, the very moment I found out 
That you had passed away.
I couldn't stop it; there was nothing I could say.
You've touched my life so deeply to a point you will never know, 
I try to think about you when I am feeling down and low.

Sometimes when my day gets hard 
I will think about your beautiful smile 
and if I listen hard enough I will hear your voice after a while.  
It's you who give me a reason to go on with my day, 
and now if I want to see you I'll bow my head and pray.

I catch myself looking for you still, 
In the halls and at your front door, 
but when I call your name there is no reply any more!  
I never thought a day would come where we would be apart, 
God has you in his keepings, we have you in our hearts.  

Life will go on, but never will be the same, 
your beautiful smile is gone, but it will always remain. 
You're our angel from up above.  
You'll always be missed, but most importantly... loved.

Just one more minute, God, is all I ask- why can't you give her back; 
it seems like such a simple task.  
I guess people are right when they say God only takes the best, 
I know enough now that you're peacefully at rest.

It's hard for me to understand why He would choose you to take away, 
and if I ever faced him this is what I would say... 
It's so UNFAIR, there were so many words that were left unsaid 
and debts left undone, and, Holly, 
Your life in heaven has only just begun.  

She was heaven sent, is the best answer I could find, 
Always loving and kind.  
God has left us with an eternal ache in our hearts 
when you sent an angel to her and said, 
"Come with me it's your time to part." 

I'm always thinking about that short time we had to spend, 
you'll always be with me; you'll always be my best friend!  
No time would be long enough to spend with you, 
and what we are going to do without you here... we have no clue.

I know you're gone now, but will never be left out;
we will never forget you- in that there is no doubt.  
Although you're in a new place I'll always remember you, 
and remember your grace.  

There are times I swear I know you're here; 
I can feel you so near to me, yet, you're so far away!  
I can't wait until that one sweet day 
Where I can talk to you again!

You've brightened my day with a little wave and a smile!  
There is so much more I can say, 
but right now I will say, "see you in the afterlife
Because good-byes are forever.  
In hopes I will see you again, 
I know right now you're looking down on us 
with a tear in your eye thinking about that horrible day 
where you were forced to say good-bye."

(We miss you, Holly, 
and I know one day we will be together once again 
and nothing else in the whole world will matter!)

Poem ID: 43105   Poem Posted: 8/14/2000
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Copyright , April 27, 2000, Tiffany Lynn Marcotte  all rights reserved by the author.
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