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Love Declared
by Susan Rae Nott

Not quite perfection, you're human and bleed,
You are the man I lust for, the friend I need
God has sent you for me, show me the way
Your loving heart for eternity I need it to stay
Love held with affection deep within my heart
Love and devotion forever, right from the start
My heart begins to race whenever you come near
Those soft whispered words, help remove any fear
There’s no one else for me in this whole wide place
You've taken my heart, put a smile upon my face
There's nothing close, love so deep beyond compare
Don't you see, with you my life I wish to share?

Poem ID: 41460   Poem Posted: 8/2/2000
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Copyright , 23rd July 2000, Susan Rae Nott  all rights reserved by the author.
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