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Emotions Aside
by Susan Rae Nott

Words can not explain the feelings in my heart
You'll never know how they're tearing me apart
Marriage is sacred, it's until death tears us apart
This knowledge was mine right from the start
Class must marry class, creed must marry creed
Nothing and no one can change what's decreed
But still our lives drag on with this eternal pain 
Don't forget when we regret; our tears are all in vein
But every one knows no greater loss can one endure 
Than to loose the love of someone you hold pure 
They say scar tissue is stronger than ordinary tissue
Realize its strength moves on, best advice I can issue
What is done is the past, now just let sleeping dogs lie
Don't waste your time looking for me, this is goodbye

Poem ID: 40343   Poem Posted: 7/25/2000
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Copyright , 21st July 2000, Susan Rae Nott  all rights reserved by the author.
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