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Now I must go
by Susan Rae Nott

The day I realized I was in love with you
I should have been happy, not feeling blue
Iíve made up my mind this love cannot be
I cannot explain but I hoped you would see
I tried so hard to find a way for me to stay
But you must believe, I couldnít find a way
You were the lover I once could have had
I never wanted to hurt you, I feel so bad
If I stay everything will go horribly wrong
This is goodbye for I'm not staying long
Please donít think of coming to look for me
Iíll be long gone, too far away for you to see
In my heart I know Iíll miss you a great deal
Youíll never know how sad this makes me feel
I never realized loving you would hurt so deep
But that is my secret, from you I must keep
Only I am to blame for feeling this low
I turn away from you, now I must go

Poem ID: 39824   Poem Posted: 7/21/2000
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Copyright , 18th July 2000, Susan Rae Nott  all rights reserved by the author.
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