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A Poem of The Truest Love
by Dyan L Gomes

There is a beautiful moon out tonight.
and as we lie beneath, I hold you so close, so tight.
Kiss me now and never let me go,
hold me close, and let your true feelings show.

On many a night I lie awake to dream,
of how it would feel, how it would seem.
If I were to ask for eternity or just one night,
would I be wrong or would I be right?

Come to me now and hold me dear,
Whisper the words of sweet promises within my ear.
Until forever is the length of my love for you,
maybe with your love I won't be so blue.

With eyes that light up the darkest of night,
I can feel emotions strong, new, so right.
What is this hold you now have over my heart?
Is it love, is it magic, where does it start?

It's strange that just like yesterday we met,
and now I miss you so.
You're the first person to ever touch my heart,
and make me lose control.

Maybe we've waited for a sign from above
or maybe this is just "A Poem of The Truest Love."

Poem ID: 39579   Poem Posted: 7/19/2000
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