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My forever love
by Jesse DeLance Sutton

You're my forever love
a love that came to me
when I needed love the
You were there in my
darkest hour, to you my love,
here is a toast.

You are my forever love,
there is no one that compares
to you.
The day I met you, I knew right
then that you were my dream
come true.

In the darkness of the
night you came to
Out of the beauty of stars,
the sparkle in your
eyes lights up my
life, you're the one that
I have waited for so patiently.

You are like the flowers that bloom
in the month of May,
bringing a love that is so fresh
for everyone to see, I thank God for sending
you my way.

He knew what he was doing
when he sent you my
I know that you will always
be by my side with each passing

You're my forever love,
a love that comes along
once in a lifetime.
A love that will make you
forget the bad memories of
the past and leave them all behind.

My forever love
is my dream that has finally come true.
When the perils of life
start getting me down, I 
know that you will always be 
there by my side to see me through.

I love you, my precious forever
love, you light up my life and
give me hope for a brighter
Filled with nothing but love, joy 
and happiness with no sorrows.

Holding you close in my
arms on those rainy
can you hear the rain falling 
on the roof as I hold you tight?

The scent of the rose is
how fresh and pure you 
You will always be my 
morning star.
I will love you, no
matter what.

My forever love is you,
A love that will last and withstand
the test of time.
I am so glad that you are

Poem ID: 39001   Poem Posted: 7/15/2000
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