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by Lily  Tchen

I'm afraid to look into your eyes,
Afraid that I'll get lost in them.
I'm afraid to hold your hand,
Afraid that I can't let go.
I'm afraid to hug you,
Afraid that I can't unwrap my arms. 
I'm afraid to listen to you speak,
Afraid your words will live inside me.

I'm afraid to look at your face,
Afraid that it will hurt too much.
I'm afraid to feel your heartbeat,
Afraid that it will take over mine.
I'm afraid to dial your number,
Afraid of not knowing what to say.
I'm afraid to stand beside you,
Afraid of not knowing what to do.

I'm afraid to see you with another girl,
Afraid that I will get jealous.
I'm afraid to go back to the stairwell,
Afraid of remembering what happened there.
I'm afraid to think about certain dates,
Afraid of recalling special moments.
I'm afraid to read poems I have written,
Afraid that I'll gain more feelings for you.

I'm afraid to think about our past,
Afraid that I'll be living in memories.
I'm afraid to compare myself to other girls,
Afraid that I will lose.
I'm afraid to cry,
Afraid of not being able to stop.
I'm afraid to fantasize,
Afraid that it will never become reality.

I'm afraid of trying to be strong,
Afraid that I'll suddenly break down.
I'm afraid to tell another person I love them,
Afraid that it'll be another failure in love.
I'm afraid to tell you how I feel,
Afraid that you'll look at me as foolish.
I'm afraid to ask for another chance,
Afraid that you will reject me.

I'm afraid to imagine life without you,
Afraid that I can't go on.
But, no matter how afraid I am,
I'm afraid of losing you... forever.

Poem ID: 3858   Poem Posted: 4/25/1998
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