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by Tanya Lee Adducci

She sits in solace
Searching her mind
She remembers those feelings
And the marching of time
Midnight is etched
Deep in her soul
Replaying conversations
Of sweet words spoken

He took the time
To reach out and explore
She took the time
To make him feel welcome
Having never met
Coming from different worlds
Friendship becomes romance
Engulfed by passion and excitement

With soft tender kisses
And a gentle caress
Under moonlight by the ocean
The stars dancing in his eyes
She holds this vision close
To be indelibly impressed

What is it about him
That won't let her be
In her heart and her soul
In her eyes and her thoughts
Day and night
Knowing it's wrong
But feeling so right
She can't go on
There is too much guilt
What can they do
Short of saying 'good bye'
They can't deny
This love they have felt

With confusion and expectations
There is nothing more to do
He must run
She must hide

The months have passed slowly
Without having spoken
In her quiet realm
She wonders now-
Were his words true
Or only lies
Was it reality
Or simply a fantasy token

She'll treasure the memories
For they are hers
And questions fate
This untouchable thing
Locked away
She keeps them safe
Wondering what
The future might bring


Poem ID: 3505   Poem Posted: 4/15/1998
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