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This Can't Be Happening
by Cassidy  H.

Dear Friend,
I talked to you Friday
I never thought it would be the end
We talked everyday
I thought I would get to see you, come Monday

I didn't get to say Good-Bye
I didn't even think, WHY?
Why would I?
I would see you next week

Until I heard Sunday
That you have bad wreck
And you may have three days left
I'm telling you, Friend

I didn't know what to say or do
It was getting close to the end
You're almost through
I need to tell you this

I am going to miss you
You can't imagine how bad
What Happened

Every night I'll think of you
I'll think of how it is
And where you are
I hope I'll see you on my judgement day

I'm praying for you
I'll never stop
Did I tell you I'm going to miss you?
I don't want your life to end

At least, not now, NOT FOR A WHILE!
And, Friend I found a Star
It reminds me of you
So, now I know you are not far

Your life, it just can't be through
OH! Please tell me it's not TRUE
I can't believe it
I don't want to

This is so hard for me
I know it's too hard 
for your family
In time we will heal

Right now
It doesn't seem real
It can't be
YOU can't die

Well, time is running out 
So, always remember 
Wherever you go
We all love you

We already miss you
And we'll always think of you

Poem ID: 34966   Poem Posted: 6/6/2000
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Copyright , May15, 2000,  all rights reserved by the author.
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