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What would you do if I still love you?
by Dana Rose Morcilla

You played with my feelings
You never said goodbye.
I cried for all meanings,
You always made me cry.
You flirted around me and held my hands tight.
I was meant to be and you were my only light.

I thought we had something i went with the flow,
My eyes are still shining for you I don't know.
I should of said "I love you", but i know you do not care,
But what would you do if I did do my dare?

I told you my secrets, you told me no lies.
I thought i should let you know "i would die"
If you go away with out letting me know, 
you have your way and i have mine to show.

I threw out my my arms, you threw out your smile
with dimples that charms but ran away a mile.

I showed you affection, you showed me what's right,
I tried to get your attention, you gave me a fright.
I cried for hours with you in my mind, 
My tears fell like showers of rain falling kind.

I saw in your eyes the light of the day,
You were my guy, there's nothing more to say.

You play your game, while i sit and cry.
I feel ashamed and a teensy bit shy.
Our first night together my eyes met yours,
It lasted forever until you left through the door.
The next day I waited to see you again,
Love was created, I went all insane.

I can't stop thinking of you all the time.
My mine is shrinking, a question asked...


Poem ID: 34181   Poem Posted: 5/30/2000
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Copyright , 27.05.00, Dana Rose Morcilla  all rights reserved by the author.
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